Unmarked Grave

by Helm's Deep

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released July 18, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Zack Orhen at Castle Ultimate studios July 2012. All music and lyrics by Helm's Deep. Cover art by Corey Young



all rights reserved


Helm's Deep Salinas, California

Former members of Moria have regrouped as Helm's Deep to bring back the fun, intensity, and sheer brutality metal and hardcore music brings. No bullshit, just punishing riffs and groove. We aren't changing the way you think of music, we're just being nerdy and crushing everything in sight. ... more

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Track Name: Dovahkiin
We are the Dragonborn, Dragon blood in our veins!
Track Name: Harbinger
This is a waste land
Beware of me
For we are the beast man
We are the harbingers of death
Keep our neighbor’s children starving
Bring war to our brothers
Man is a nuisance
Our wisdom walks hand in hand with our idiocy
And emotions rule our brains
We are greed, we are lust,
We are the devil’s pawn
raping this fucking world
a desert of our home
How many will die before we learn
Bring on war, bring on greed, continue the idiocy
Until we awaken and purge ourselves
Let it be known that we
We are the enemy
We are scum
Track Name: Hollow
We rot as we walk
Destined to return to earth
A dirt nap for eternity
A shallow grave for us all
All we have is today
No heaven No hell
Just existence
And humanity
Do nothing and fade from memory
Or be the flame that brings light
Don’t be forgotten
Don’t fade away
Leave your mark
Be that spark
Light the flame
Let’s make this last
Let’s build it here
Let’s start today
Track Name: Relentless
Revenge is only on his mind
A path of destruction behind him
Burn down the alters and shrines
Leave nothing behind of their kind
With rage the war hammer will drop
And cave in your skull
Their bodies will become soil
At an unmarked grave
What you don’t know is
This is in his blood
Born a warrior, to die as one
Relentless and unforgiving
With rage the war hammer will drop
And cave in your skull
Their bodies will become soil
At an unmarked grave
I’ll fucking bury you
With an unmarked grave
No trace of existence